Just Breathe

Mindfulness Consulting

Conscious breathing and meditation instruction and facilitation.


Changing The Quality Of Your Life By Turning Inwards

We have spent our whole life outwardly chasing pleasure and pursuits through our five senses when the irony of it all is that true joy is hidden within you. We rarely are told to stop and sit as a solution as we have such an action and results oriented type of culture. Withinward is a movement that offers knowledge of organizations, methods, and devices that help in that inward education. Through conscious breathing and meditation we can reach a new level of awareness that brings true joy into our lives. As we know that self awareness and higher states of consciousness are the greatest gifts that one can receive.

Our Mission

Withinward.org is a Mindfulness Consulting practice whose main purpose is to educate and highlight the benefits of turning inward through breathing and meditation. We design personal and corporate training programs to optimize the performance of individuals and teams who experience stress and neurosis in their work and lives. Our experienced team introduces and educates individuals in different methods of conscious breathing and meditation resulting in more joyful, productive, and effective teams.